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Defining the problems in OSS in Ukrainian Academy of Banking

On the 10th of April training program “Democracy in OSS”, realizing by KLYO “Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation” reached Symu!

Ukrainian Academy of Banking has become the first university, which joined this program. Academy is reforming its students’ self-government authorities.

Training, dedicated to defining the problems in OSS and working out of the plan for their solving become the first step to realization of the program!

According to Victor Muntian, the head of students’ committee of Ukrainian Academy of Banking – “Thanks to the training we looked at many our problems from the other side! Now we have answers for the questions and in the process of study we found mechanisms of solving the problems, which didn’t give us the chance to work efficiently for a long time.

Our self-government wants to thank “Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation” for creating of such program and its realization in our academy. Owing to it our work will be more efficient and directed to the student!”

Within a framework of the meeting, coordinator of the program Ivan Omelian, told about high motivation and students-activists’ aspirations for changes. According to Ivan Omelian, the fact that students’ self-government realized its problems is a great step ahead for any team. And if we pay attention that most problems concerned work with students, we can talk for sure about the progress.

So Ukrainian Academy of Banking is looking forward for the next step in students’ self-government democratization program!