“Rope course” (6 hours)

Rope course – is a systematized active training for team creation and personal development , which gives maximum effect in minimal terms.
Pictures of MSNU in Zolochiv (summer 2007)

Seminar “PR. What is it?” (12 hours)

Did you know that once BMW Company has stopped selling automobiles and started to sell… Know more at the seminar.
Picture of the School of a Young Politician

Seminar “Public Speaking” (6 hours)

The goal of this training is getting skills for comfort living in audiovisual environment. This training consists of theoretical and practical parts.

Training for coaches (6 hours)

During this seminar we’ll tell you how to prepare and make a successful training. We’ll tell the secrets of audience control, psychology of work in small groups, we’ll also give you recommendations for speech preparing.

Training “Leadership and Team Work” (6 hours)

The goal of this training is to give in a short period of time  the participants the possibility to feel their leadership features, to define the basics for successful team building, to learn how to define the goals correctly for yourself as well as for the members of your team.

“Identity. Forming of positive self-image” (12 hours)

Training “Identity. Forming of positive self-image” creates an environment in which you can think about the question “Who am I?”, to define values and goals, and what is the most important: gives the answer to the question how to say confidently: I am happy. “Everything in our lives happens twice – the first time in our minds and the second time in reality”.

Educational program “Strategic Planning” (6 hours)

Program on strategic planning for public organizations and political parties.