Democracy Development East Ukrainian Fund was founded in 1998.
Then, at the beginning of 1998, in Kharkiv a regional association «Youth League» was created. Organization joined considerable part of active youth in the city.
The organization was created, when rapid transformations in society required people with a proeuro-stile of view. That is why the mission of organization was rotation, change of generations by bringing in young specialists to the state management, public and political life.
The « Youth League » carried out the row of measures, directed on realization of regulation tasks:


• Educational seminars-trainings are “School of young politician”. The listeners of trainings were 62 persons.


• A half-year course of seminars is “School of young leader” for the Kharkiv students.
• Large-scale sociological research is young “People and vote”, that foresaw three sociological questioning for 1000 participants in each, and also questioning of experts.


• A two-day seminar-training in Poltava on themes: “School of young leader” and “Strategy of hustings”.
• In October, 2000 « Youth League » was reorganized in the Kharkiv city youth association «Democracy Development East Ukrainian Fund».


• Round table with the leaders of youth organizations and seminars on the social order of Kharkiv authority. In the first time for all of history in the budget of Kharkiv facilities were foreseen on financing of social projects of youth organizations.
• DDEUF administered a project, it was directed on realization of public youth initiatives from public organization New Kharkiv is New Possibilities.


• School of young politician
• Series of seminars for the deputies of local self-government in Kharkiv, Poltava and Lugansk.


• A cycle of lectures on local self-government for students.


• Creation of network of consultants at all of district courts  in the Kharkiv area. Volunteers rendered a consultative help electors, to illegally limited in a right to vote on 3rd round of President election (project financially supported by OBSE).
• Trainings for election observers. Studies passed 7600 observers from different political parties of Kharkiv and Kharkiv area.
• The project “Activation of youth in Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk in President election of 2004”. A project is realized by support of the International republican institute.
• An allukrainian project “Education and activation of young electors in President election 2004”, jointly with  Chernigov city youth public organization “People of ХХІ century”, by the Zhitomir regional center of youth initiative and by Center of  political education (Kyiv) by support of the European commission


• «School of civil activity» at an assistance of British counsel «Youth in action» (6 000 $).
• In 2005 – 2006 was the project, directed on activation of young people during electioneering,   from the International republican institute, 18 000 $


• «Rights for a man and rights for young people» are complex expert research on the theme of «Right for a man and right for young people in Kharkiv», elucidative training courses of «Daily human rights» and «Rights for youth are your rights», youth tournaments from parliamentary debates, city public listening «Role and place of young people in defence of human rights»
• „School of young politician” by support of the International republican institute (8 800 $).
• Training for trainers, internship in the organs of state power and political parties for the graduating students of «School of young politician»
• Training from principles of democracy and leadership for the leaders of school self-government
• Training for the activists of Kharkiv regional  public youth organization «NSNU» „Team building” by support of the International republican institute.


• During 2007-2008 foundation has administered program “Campaign of Support for Students Self-government” supported by the Embassy of USA that was realized by NGOs coalition with the participation of Civic Informational and Analytical Center for Youth, Kharkov regional youth NGO “Zebra” and Students Parliament of NTU “KhPI”.


• On the 1st of March 2009, “The School of a Young Politician”, which was organized by Eastern-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation with the support of the International Republican Institute, launched in Kharkiv. This year 25 participants take part at the School. Though the School is being organized for the 8th year the interest towards it  isn’t going down. The reason is that until now there is no better place in Ukraine where young people can have a possibility to study bases of political activity. Participants of the 1st-2nd courses, who take part at the School, will study during 2 months fundamental political topics and also the topics which were picked out by themselves, according to their own tastes. The school is organized in the format of dialogue with each of the participants and that gives the possibility to show up the best way. By the words of Yaroslav Markevych, president of EUDDF and founder of the School: The School of a Young Politician is a kind of a special project in which many interesting tutors take part. It gives young people who take part at the School the possibility to get the knowledge that they can hardly get in the universities. That is why young people who desire to fulfill themselves in social and political life of a country but do not know what to start with, come to the School where we can tell them how to do it, share our experience and knowledge, and form necessary habits. I do hope that after the School they will become more effective and, without any doubt, will be able to fulfill themselves. Then they will become happier!” So, in future there are 2 months filled expectations and knowledge, communication with experienced participants of political reforms and competitions for victory, which open the way of practical skills for the participants. Activists of YUOU (YUNU) also keep pace and have already started to get practical skills (exploring the process of mayor election in the town of Izyum in Kharkiv oblast), in order to see how to apply knowledge of the School and try their own skills.

• The School of a Young Politician in Dnepropetrovsk. Eastern-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation with the support of the International Republican Institute has organized the School of a Young Politician for the students of 1st-3rd years of study of Dnipropetrovska oblast universities. The goal of this project is increasing of the level of political education of young people, creation of practical environment for learning the basics of democratic standards for young activists of political parties and youth organizations; educating new generation of young politicians.
The course has been taking place in Dnipropetovsk from March till June 2009 in the format of two-days long educational training seminars. During the course the participants were able to study basics of political science and political leadership, mechanism of building the strategies for election campaigns, using of PR-technologies, and to know about other topics necessary for active participation in the political life of a country. The study at the School has been organized by well-known and competent coaches of the Third Sector.