Abakumova Polina,
chairman of KRYO ZEKh «Molodizhna vzaemodiya»
chairman of executive committee of «Molodizhniy Soyuz Nasha Ukraina»

Studies on a project «School of young politician» which is conducted annually by East-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation, gave a powerful shove in my public and political activity. Level of knowledge and practical skills got at School, enables to young personality to find answers on many questions, to expose the potential, find like-minded persons and partners for subsequent successful activity.



Bogdanova Marina,
chairman of «Molodizhniy Soyuz Nasha Ukraina».

School of young politician acquainted me with many interesting people. Among graduating students there are people which became part of my team in youth organization, for what I’m very thankful to school. School is a venue of patriotic, talented, effective young people and teacher-experts.




Vasylev Andrey,
adviser of the head of Kharkiv regional state administration on the questions of youth policy

Some years ago «School of young politician» became one of deciding factors in the construction of my career. It was the positive start in creation of my public organization «Youth and wisdom» (Molodost’ i mudrost’) in 2003. The basics of democratic state foundation received at school turned to be useful while holding a post of the head of Kharkov regional state department in family, children and youth questions and of Kharkov region governor’s adviser in youth politics.



Semko Svetlana,
a head is the KRSYO «Demokratychniy vymir»

A theory is taught in all educational measures. Schools of leadership, policy, civil activity are not very differ from one another, but on «School» we talked  with political experts, with people who were candidate in the organs of power, realized electoral campaigns. Intercourse was valuable with each of these people. Each of them had its own history, and told about real successes and misses. School of young politician is the sincere living intercourse!




Sobadakha Igor,
the head of Donetsk regional state department in family, children and youth questions

«School of young politician» educates in young people active civil position, patriotism, conscientious attitude to political activities. This is unique possibility for young people to experience mechanisms and processes of the political adjusting in the country, to open on own world of new impressions and new ideas. For me it was practice which you can’t find in books, awareness of the value, in the public processes of creation of the state in our country.




Turchin E.,
deputy chief of KRYO “Fundatsiya Regionalnikh Initsiativ”

«School of young politician» is the great event which amazed young public and political figures by the efficiency and benefit. Due to this school participants could get a lot of knowledge for the more effective work and associate with interesting people. It is predefined by the clear presentation of information and those professionals who present it. As a matter of fact this is very interesting and useful project for public.