About Foundation


Rotation, generations alternation, involving numerous professional young employees to the goverment favours to the development of social and political life in Ukraine. We are here to assist in teaching, advising, showing the direction to the youth.


• Assistance to initiative young people to come to power.

• Realization of the actions directed on drawing attention of society to the problems of youth and drawing attention of young people to the problems of society.

• Development and realization of the programs directed on the improvement of socio-economic and political settings for young people.


For the successful decision of the set problems and achievement of the purpose Fund of developing democracy chose the strategy of scientifically-educative work and also advancements of youth to all authority.

In the field of scientifically-educative activity:

• Realization of educational courses «School of young politician».

• Internships of young people in the organs of local self-government and state authority.

• Development of the electoral technologies, based on new developments in area of psychology, sociology, PR and other

• Collaboration with international charitable funds which work in area of youth political education.


Markevych Yaroslav Volodymyrovych, President of the Foundation. 1973 years of birth. Higher economic education. [email protected]

Aleksandrov Dmytro Valentinovich, financial director. Consultant on economic questions. 1972 years of birth. Higher economic education. [email protected]

Abakumova Polina Victorovna, chief of social technologies and youth policy department. 1982 years of birth. Higher economic education. [email protected]

Bogdanova Marina Sergeivna, chief of PR – department. Consultant on PR. 1987 years of birth. Master’s degree of NTU «KPI». [email protected]