How to cooperate with higher educational establishment administration?

The participants of the last seminar “Students’ self-government democratization” gave answers on this question. The seminar, organized by KLYO “Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation”, took place in the bookshop “Є” on the 26th of May. Questions concerning organization of the links between students and universities’ administrations were considered during the seminar.

During the reformation of the education system, the problem of communication between students and administrations appeared in Ukraine. This problem emphasized in the mid 2000th when students’ self-governments appeared widely. Most students’ self-government organizations became “pocket” departments of university administrations, and true students’ centers of activity got to the opposition or depended on the decisions they took.


Date: 28.05.2010
Revolution on the grass – the example of today students’ self-government

More than 50 students’ and youth leaders of Ukraine came to Sumy on the 12th of May to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the “Revolution on the grass”. The program envisaged the appointment of students’ activists on educational and practical forum devoted to the anniversary. Press-conference and holiday concert also took place on the central square.

On the 12th of May the “Revolution on the grass” was six years. In 2004 young activists rose in opposition against the consolidation of educational establishments into the unitary Sumy national university. Students achieved their aim without any political slogans and didn’t let the corruption to grow through deeper. (more…)

Date: 15.05.2010
We found out the problems of students’ self-governments

On 29th of April KLYO “EUDDF” initiated public discussion of the development and students’ self-government democratization program in Ukraine. Students of the biggest Kharkiv universities, the expert of youth politics Ivan Omelian and reader of a regional management and local self-government department of Kharkiv National Academy, the President of Ukraine, Oleg Konotopcev. The main subject of the discussion was problems’ determination, that block democratic students’ self-governments creation. Especially in the course of discussion we found out a problem of low knowledge, indifference and lack of youth motivation.

The next step of the discussion will be determination of distinct machineries and decision of the disclosed problems. (more…)

Date: 07.05.2010
Democratic students’ self-government elections

In May 2010 KLYO Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation initiates a new program that supports democracy development in the universities of Ukrainian “Students’ capital” – Kharkiv. The program is called “Democratic students’ self-government elections”.

Today according to the acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and according to the new version of the law “On Education”, new organs of self-government are formed in every university of Kharkiv, but unfortunately there is no structural election machinery and there is no incessant staff renovation structure machinery. Realizing all the importance of this question for educational establishments of all levels, Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation initiates informational training program. (more…)

Date: 01.05.2010
“Become successful!” – training-seminar dedicated to the secrets of students’ self-government success

The following training-seminar is dedicated to the secrets of students’ self-government success. The subjects were perfectly disclosed by Viktor Legezkiy (“WINBERRY”) and Ivan Omelian (“Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation”) on the 19th of April in the bookshop “Є”.

During the event they shared their own experience with the audience and gave a possibility to the attendants not only to get useful information but to display initiate in carrying out the training. The attendants of the event were modern and goal-seeking young people, but elderly men were also present and took part in discussions. The evidences of attendants’ big interest were questions concerning only students’ self-government they asked to the coaches.

Every subject was accompanied by the examples of their own experience, that’s why everyone got a lot of useful information concerning student’s self-government. Every person even with experience in this sphere drew useful conclusions. (more…)

Date: 21.04.2010
Lick into shape your ideas!

“Project Management School” took place on the 17th and 18th of April in Kharkiv, carried out by Lvov organization “Lion society” and Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation. The main aim of two days training was to teach young people to write high-quality projects and to put into practice basic ideas. The tuition was built on real examples and coaches’s experience. The given information was accompanied with different mini-projects, plans and ideas given by the attendants.

On the 1st day participants of the event managed to get knowledge about projects in general, the right rules of writing and financing them, stages of project forming and the most important thing was donor search and methods of approach to him.

The 2nd day was aimed at checking and rating of gotten knowledge.  Having divided the participants into two groups, first of all everyone was suggested to express the ideas concerning creation of a personal project. Then delving deeply into ideas every group built its plan in a constructive way. The final aim of the project was receipt of the grant to realize it. The most interesting part for young erudite turned out the end of the training when they came up against a problem of limited money distribution for the project. Communication with young people of the same age from different public organizations of Ukraine, exchange of impressions and information about activity in their sphere was very useful for participants of the event. (more…)

Date: 20.04.2010
The round table “Ukrainian Parliament’s operating efficiency”

On the 11 of February «Open society» foundation and Kharkiv youth union «Eastern-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation» held the round table on the following subject: «Ukrainian Parliament’s operating efficiency». Representatives of the «Public Informational and Analytical Center for Youth» and of the social campaign «Youth guard» also took part in the round table.

Irina Shust presented working outs of the «Open Society» Foundation where were counted total and absolute Parliament’s, President’s and Parliamentary factions’ efficiency on 2009. The particularity of the following study was absolute Parliamentary factions’ efficiency that reflects the correlation of the political party’s promises and their keeping. Ivan Omelian, the expert of the youth policy «Eastern-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation», suggested his vision of the youth polity development in Ukraine and described the state of youth policy and its development in Ukraine and in the world. (more…)

2500 voters learned the role of a citizen on the day of election owing to the “Youth Voters School”

For the first time 420 voters took part in Presidential election 2010 underwent “Youth Voters School” and 2000 of young voters learned the role of a citizen on the day of election. The project was realized by Kharkiv youth organization “Eastern-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation” with financial support of the “Democracy grants program” of US Embassy in Ukraine.

The project “Youth Voters School” consisted of two stages – the training for coaches “Youth Voters School” and of 20 interactive seminar-trainings “You choose your future!” for the students of Kharkiv universities.

460 participants of the project learned more about the electoral system and most participants of the project talk over the role of citizen in electoral process and future liabilities. 40 participants of the training for coaches got the skills of planning, organization and methodology of trainings performing. 18 young coaches held seminar-trainings “You choose your future!” on the base of the knowledge gotten during the project.

2000 young people got booklets and agitational calendars in memory. 50 young coaches got informational-methodical booklets. 100 young people got disks with the information about the project.

Graduated coaches of the project “Youth Voters School” told about their impression of the training “You choose your future!”:

Tatyana Ryabchenko, student of the Kharkiv National Economic University – “Judging from the audience’s reaction, the most interesting part of the training “You choose your future!” has become the candidate’s programs discussion. During the preparation for the task, participants were able to name only 11 presidential nominees of 18 in Ukraine.  In general, participants of the training displayed an interest in the information prepared on the CEC materials. (more…)

Date: 03.02.2010
The handbook on utilization the Ukrainian Presidential election legislation for the members of the district election committee

We give thanks to the coordinator of the OCSE for the given copy of electronic document!
At the instance of the Fund Coordinator of the OCSE’s projects in Ukraine gave an electronic copy of the Handbook on utilization the Ukrainian Presidential election legislation for the members of the district election committee on Presidential election in Ukraine 2010.

The Handbook and flow diagrams were developed within the project “Influence on the further strengthening of the electoral processes in Ukraine”, that is introduced within the Plans of teamwork between Central Election Commission (CEC) and Coordinator of the OCSE’s projects in Ukraine, with support of the European Commission, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Irish government and also Fund of strategic programs of Great Britain.

We are paying Your attention that just after the preparation and printing of the handbook, CEC accepted/cancelled decisions, and so on. Accordingly, we recommend You to acquaint with the information on the Web site of the CEC.

While using these documents we ask You not to change the content and the design. We also request to dispose the standard information that includes the logotypes of CEC, the title of the project, its executor, sponsors and the information about the liability for the content of these documents.

Download handbook
Download flow-diagrams

Date: 11.01.2010
The Halfway Point of Training for Students “You Choose Your Future!” Within the Framework of the Project “Youth Voters School”

On the 14th of December there took place the 11th of twenty trainings for students youth “You choose your future!” that is being initiated  by Kharkiv youth union “Eastern-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation” and financially supported by Democracy Grants Program  of the USA Embassy in Ukraine.

The coaches of “You choose your future!” training are graduates of a Training for coaches “Youth voters school”, that took part in November 2009 in Kharkiv. (more…)

Date: 19.12.2009