Team building

Kharkov youth public organization «East Ukrainian Democracy Development Fund» during realization of project „Team building” by support of the International Republican institute  in December, 2006 completed the work on the project training for the activists of public organization of «NSNU».

Training “Team building” (Lecturer: Abakumova Polina)
Seminar “Public Relation. Theory and practice” (Lecturer: Markevich Yaroslav) During the studies the pupils received educational texts “PR in theory and practice”

The unique of this project consists of that the representatives of one large youth organization were invited which for further effective joint work, trainings were needed in area of forming of command and public relations.

Date: 11.10.2011
On the 28th of April the last training of educational program “Democracy in OSS” took place in Cherkassy State Business College.

On the 28th of April the last training of educational program “Democracy in OSS” took place in Cherkassy State Business College. The subject of training concerned democracy – Ivan Omelian “Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation” expert explained to the participants mechanisms of students’ self-governmental leader democratic election.

Training program consisted of three parts.

In the first part participants found out what democratic election is and how important they are for students’ self-government successful activity. In particular, students determined importance of democratic mechanisms to form students’ councils. Participants and organizers agreed that democratic institutions development in students’ self-government is very important step on the way to civil society forming. (more…)

Date: 10.05.2011
Join to “Democracy in OSS” program in Cherkassy State Business-College!

On the 19th of March Eastern-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation program “Democracy in Organs of students’ self-government” will be continued in Cherkassy State Business-College!

We remind You, that Program foresees three one-day trainings, which will help to the organs of students’ self-government to find their position in development strategy, form clear structure, help in team forming and set the mechanism of OSS direction democratic election. (more…)

Date: 16.04.2011
The second step of “Democratization in OSS” program for Chercassy!

On the 15th April the second step of training program “Democratization for student’s self-government authorities” took place in Cherkassy State Business College!

The second step of training program, realizing by “Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation” directed at team work principles development of students’ self-government. The main result of training participants work has become working out of development strategy for students-activists! (more…)

Date: 15.04.2011
Defining the problems in OSS in Ukrainian Academy of Banking

On the 10th of April training program “Democracy in OSS”, realizing by KLYO “Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation” reached Symu!

Ukrainian Academy of Banking has become the first university, which joined this program. Academy is reforming its students’ self-government authorities. (more…)

Date: 11.04.2011
IX School of Young Politician – achievements and prospects

In February of 2011 in the process of realizing Ukrainian School of Young Politician project, Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation with the assistance of International Republic institution, finished its work over the project, directed at forming of new generation of young politicians.

This time IX School of Young Politician was being held two years, more exactly on November of 2010 and on February of 2011. (more…)

Date: 10.03.2011
School of young politician is getting ready for holidays!

Lessons at School of young politician were held on the 18-19th of December of 2010. During this school participants had not only the possibility to study but also remember about New Year holidays. The organizer of School of young politician in Kharkiv is Eastern-Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation with the assistance of International Republic Institution. (more…)

Date: 20.12.2010
The school of young politicians is going forward!

In the last weekends of November the first cycle of “School of young politicians” studies was held in Kharkiv. The organizers of the school were Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation with the support of International Republic Institute.

The participants of the IX School have become 25 young people, who are the representatives of different public, students’ and political structures of Kharkiv,  and on the eve of the event they underwent the contest on a competitive basis. So, one of the interesting observations of “School of young politicians” organizers is that every time competition grows.  This time there was one vacancy for 4 persons. This observation says that there is no better place in Ukraine, where young people could learn the basis of politics. (more…)

Date: 30.11.2010
(Ukrainian) Головна тема студентського форуму в Вінниці – демократизація ОСС

Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation carries on spreading of  the democratization in the organs of students’ self-government of Ukraine. On the 26-28th of  November all-Ukrainian forum of students’ movement “Students’ self-government of Ukraine of new decade” will take place in Vinnitsa National Technical University. Participants of the event will be 150 representatives of the students’ self-government organs from all regions of Ukraine.

One of the main topics of sectional sitting will be democratization of students’ self-government organs. The moderator of this section will be Ivan Omelian, the expert of EUDDF in questions concerning students’ self-government. (more…)

Date: 25.11.2010
The result of Twitter-translation about local elections is 1700 messages of possible breaches


Public figures, in particular graduates of School of young politicians and School of young elector – organized by Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development foundation, played an important role in the process of such observation over the elections.

Declaration of will of citizen during local elections on the 31 of October could have been defaced in the result of numerous breaches during voting and vote count.

It is affirmed by numerous messages from most regions of Ukraine sent by Ukrainian Internet-users, who took part in Twitter-translation of local elections 2010. Among 19 450 messages about elections almost in 1700 messages it is said about possible breaches.  Considerable part of them is the evidence from the participants on the scene of Twitter-translation, from public figures and other direct eyewitnesses of the elections from all corners of Ukraine. Besides, the most active cities, internet-users of which took part in Twitter-translation, became Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhja, Lugansk, Odesa and Ternopil. By the way In Kharkiv and Ternopil most messages were sent by activists of Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation.  It also should be mentioned, that participants of the translation took direct part in the process of elections as the members of the commission, observers, journalists and candidates! (more…)

Date: 14.11.2010