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IX School of Young Politician – achievements and prospects

In February of 2011 in the process of realizing Ukrainian School of Young Politician project, Eastern Ukrainian Democracy Development Foundation with the assistance of International Republic institution, finished its work over the project, directed at forming of new generation of young politicians.

This time IX School of Young Politician was being held two years, more exactly on November of 2010 and on February of 2011.

Work upon the project started with information campaign, in the result of which 100 applicants’ inquiries for participation in the School were received. 25 participants for School of Young Politician were selected by means of interview.

At the School of Young Politician participants were able to find out more about: carrying out of electoral and lobbying campaigns, public performance and negotiation skills, peculiarities of local self-government and PR, fundraising and team forming, methods of non-governmental organizations formation, etc. Within the framework of School meeting with member of Kharkiv local council was organized, consultative meeting with Kharkiv entrepreneurs’ club experts was additionally held. Master-class “Particularities of visualization and design while public and political campaigns development” was also carried out.

Final quiz of School listeners demonstrated that large majority of participants (100%) were planning to realize in practice their knowledge in public and political activities, with that some of them have already begun realizing acquired knowledge and skills in practice.

Mikhajlo Krunitzkij, participant of the School, deputy head of Moscow district center of Ukrainian party Kharkiv Youth: “Everything was very interesting and useful. I’ve got a lot of interesting information, understood how to reach your aim, realize your ideas and put them into life. I’m very glad that I had a possibility to take part in such an interesting project. Thanks to all organizers”!

Olga Melnichuk, participant of the School, leader of student’s self-government and students’ trade-union committee of National N. Ye. Zhukovsky Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute: “Studying at “School of Young Politician” was a large patchwork of bright impressions, emotions and a lot of other interesting information. I’ve got here the base of knowledge, which helps me now in my activity. In the team of talented youth and with the help of trainings and experts I’ve become more self-confident. During these trainings I’ve managed to figure my own opinion concerning modern politics, what is it for me. So, this School pushed me greatly to further development I see already and I will try to go only ahead”!

So, having changed a bit the accents of Fund’s President Jaroslav Markevich statement, we will note: “We hope, that School have become the best start for its participants. In our turn, we were doing everything possible for it…!”